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From March 29 to April 2 Moscow will host the 31st Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. More than 70 designers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the Great Britain and Spain will present their collections at the new main venue of the Fashion Week – the Central Exhibition Hall (CEH) “Manege” (Manezh Suare, 1). The participants will present Autumn-Fall 2013/2014 collections.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia brings together Top Russian fashion designers: SLAVA ZAITSEV, Tatiana Parfionova, Alena Akhmadullina, BEssARION, Dasha Gauser, Julia Nikolaeva, HakaMa, TEGIN, BORODULIN’S, Julia Dalakian, LEONID ALEXEEV, MASHA KRAVTSOVA, POUSTOVIT, Lena Tsokalenko, PIROSMANI BY JENYA MALYGINA, Olga Brovkina, RUBAN and other leading designers.

Traditionally, the main heroes of Fashion Week will be not only recognized leaders of Russian fashion-space, but also young newcomers: Maria Golubeva, RIA KEBURIA, Maroussia Zaitseva, GOGA NIKABADZE, Yanina Vekhteva, Natali Leskova as well as brands specializing in creating accessoire and jewellery lines – Rainbow Seekers, Olya Shikhova, MASTERPEACE by Evgenia Linovich, Volha, RJ BIJOUX, Nastia Olgan and others. For the first time catwalk of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in CEH “Manege” will see the shows of stars from the British fashion scene – designers of Russian descent – FYODOR GOLAN, Timur Kim, Vilshenko.


The aim of Fashion Week – to support and promote Russian designers – has evolved in the past years, – says general director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Alexander Shumsky. – Today Fashion Week in Moscow is the main venue for designers with Russian background. Among the graduates from fashion institutes in the West there are quite a lot of those who speak Russian but run their business in London, New York or Paris. Some of them have already presented their collections on the catwalks of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia – Von Vonni, BASHARATYAN V and others. This year Fashion Week will increase its support: we want the best Russian speaking designers to present their collections in Moscow.

During the breaks between the shows visitors will be entertained by a program of fashion-movies prepared together with NYFFF (New York Fashion Film Festival): guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will be able to watch fashion-inspired works of Roman Polanski, Ryan McGinley, Stephen Meisel. The business-program of Fashion Weel will host a conference for Digital, Luxury and Fashion experts HUBFORUM 2013 – “Strategy for promoting luxury brands via Internet”.

Choosing the Right Clothes by Body Type

Not only are the clothes you wear a way to flatter your body, but also how you wear them. Here’s a great video on how to make the best of your body type and dress accordingly.

Men’s Wear- A Review


It is usual to see a woman wearing trendy clothes ad being fashionable but when you see a man who looked dapper but not wearing the usual colors they do, something comes out off. This is not for ll men though because there are a lot who also appear good looking and celebrity-like. One big fault of most men is trying to follow what they see on TV or the internet. Fashion is not copying what you see being worn by those models and celebrities.

dazzio-black-plain-men-party-wear-shirt-dzsh11You need to consider your personality and of course the color of your skin. This is not being racist and saying that only fair skinned individuals look good. Especially nowadays, fashion statements are shouting loud and bright colors. If you are dark-skinned, you may look like a shadow wearing clothes. This is one reason why most men wants to stay on the safe side, wearing only colors that goes for any skin like blue, white, black, navy or khakis. Sometimes though, you tend to get bored with that same look over and over.



mens-casual-clothing-with-jacket-jeansWearing different clothing from time to time can be a refreshing thought. Looking at how celebrities and models wear these clothes, you can opt for lighter colors if you have darker skin. Consider your body shape as well. Refrain from tight fitting clothes if your body needs a lot of work out. You will only be more conscious when people stare at your stomach when you meet them on the streets.

Being careful with your choices will definitely improve your fashion sense. You do not have to get a stylist just to wear the right clothes. Simply look at yourself in the mirror and be realistic. Do not force yourself to become a different person when you are far from becoming that being.

All About Men’s Fashion


Men’s fashion is not mostly on the clothes they wear mainly because their options are limited to pants, shirt, shorts, sports coat, t-shirt and a formal coat and a tie. If there are varieties, it is with the color and cut, beyond that, there is nothing else. Shoes on the other hand is a different story and this is where a lot of men can relate. Dress shoes for one is something they are so particular about. Especially if they have to attend events and even use it for work, wearing the right pair of shoes will definitely say something about your personality.


Though there are shoes which can be both used as formal and dressy, having one that is dependable on very special occasions. There are various choices to choose from especially now that formal shoes has evolved. The wingtips are now turned into square toes while loafers and laced shoes are not commonly using wedge heels anymore. Casual shoes are easy to pick though, but you can actually wear these shoes as dressy ones as they are almost similar with how they appear. Difference is on the materials used.


Mens-Casual-Fashion-Style-33With quality materials, you can really expect the prices to go up, no matter what type it is. One good quality with most men, the attributes are mostly their priority and the price is not a huge matter. If they see that it was made significantly good, the price is of no relevance. A typical man is happy with one good pair. They will start looking for the next pair when they begin to notice something is wrong with the one they are wearing. Most men are not worried with a scratch or a rip on their shoes. Being fashionable these days mainly depend on the person’s personality and that is just it.