My name is Dr. Benjamin Carr and I am a specialist in gynecology and ultrasound diagnosis.

After nine years of service in traditional medicine, I found that there are still many questions that still cannot be answered. I therefore decided to change course and enter the field of regenerative medicine.

One problem that affects both men and women is hormonal imbalance. This condition can eventually lead to early menopause in women, and it also causes men to enter andropause early.

Women with pathological menopause and menopause transition will experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and an overactive bladder Men experience erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, obesity, and sleep disorders.

Both men and women may experience sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, and  psychological and emotional distress. Generally, they will experience a very poor quality of life.

So what is the solution, and how is this condition typically treated? Generally speaking, modern medicine can only recommend hormone replacement therapy, but this treatment usually causes significant side effects, including an increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, etc. It may also promote an accelerated growth of hormone-sensitive tumors, such as prostate cancer testicular cancer in men, and uterine cancer and breast cancer in women.

Other side effects of hormone replacement therapy can include: diabetes and liver disease, or it may cause hormone secretion to be suppressed or to even cease completely. Finally, there is currently no outright cure for hormonal imbalance, so there is a great need to find new alternative treatments.

The basic mechanism of early andropause in men and early menopause in women is due to secondary hypogonadism and premature ovarian failure, respectively. These conditions occur due to a decrease, or subnormal production, of hormones.

Research advancement in molecular technology and development has opened the possibility of correcting these problems. Results from decades of scientific and research and countless clinical experiences have finally demonstrated that cell therapy activates and regulates the hormone secretion system, allowing a regulatory effect to be produced.

Cell therapy has a history of successful treatment and has achieved great results in the treatment of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, for diabetes insipidus and many other conditions. Based on an extensive European research in the treatment of hormonal disorders with cell therapy, we have advanced the concept of prevention and reversal of hormonal imbalances, such as premature andropause and menopause, through peptide therapy, which directly stimulates gonadal activity and organ production. This is the benefit of specific peptide therapy.

Peptide treatment is absolutely safe and does not cause any side effects. In addition, there is no need for long-term treatment, unlike hormone replacement therapy.

Doctors all over the world with many years of experience with this therapy have seen significant results and efficacy with treatment protocols based on cell therapy and cell extracts, such as mitochondrial peptides, nano peptides, exosomes, and others.

So, it’s like a fine-tuning of your hormonal system that returns you to normal function, giving you a chance to feel younger, more energetic, stronger and healthy again. Another trend in medicine that is gaining traction now is genital aesthetics, for both women and men, who want to stay young and beautiful everywhere – including their genital parts.

Many European health centers offer these and related practices, with a wide range of treatment. Thanks to a variety of energy-based equipment, including laser, electromagnetic wave, wave frequency devices, high-focus ultrasound, and various injections and cell therapy products, these treatments can be completed without any surgery.