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Men’s Wear- A Review


It is usual to see a woman wearing trendy clothes ad being fashionable but when you see a man who looked dapper but not wearing the usual colors they do, something comes out off. This is not for ll men though because there are a lot who also appear good looking and celebrity-like. One big fault of most men is trying to follow what they see on TV or the internet. Fashion is not copying what you see being worn by those models and celebrities.

dazzio-black-plain-men-party-wear-shirt-dzsh11You need to consider your personality and of course the color of your skin. This is not being racist and saying that only fair skinned individuals look good. Especially nowadays, fashion statements are shouting loud and bright colors. If you are dark-skinned, you may look like a shadow wearing clothes. This is one reason why most men wants to stay on the safe side, wearing only colors that goes for any skin like blue, white, black, navy or khakis. Sometimes though, you tend to get bored with that same look over and over.



mens-casual-clothing-with-jacket-jeansWearing different clothing from time to time can be a refreshing thought. Looking at how celebrities and models wear these clothes, you can opt for lighter colors if you have darker skin. Consider your body shape as well. Refrain from tight fitting clothes if your body needs a lot of work out. You will only be more conscious when people stare at your stomach when you meet them on the streets.

Being careful with your choices will definitely improve your fashion sense. You do not have to get a stylist just to wear the right clothes. Simply look at yourself in the mirror and be realistic. Do not force yourself to become a different person when you are far from becoming that being.